Friday, January 11, 2013

Macau and Hong Kong

This post should be done last year -_- I shall blog about Macau first instead of Hong Kong. For me, Macau is just as similar as Las Vegas regardless of size of the countries - casino everywhere, night life over there is WILD. Its too bad I could say as we only spent less than a day in Macau (visited The Venetian for just 30 minutes) -_- Just for your info, the designer of The Venetian is same as the one in Las Vegas. 

Popular historical building

The Venetian 

Must buy their "Han Yan" biscuits!


There you go HONG KONG!

Ladies Market, packed and crowded

Recommended by tour guide

HK style Wan Tan Mee. 

Hui Lau Shan in HK is different I guess, more choices & more expensive. Of course taste good! 

HK$50 per bowl 

Next day breakfast, this was prepared for 12 persons each table so....

Spent half a day here! 

Take the cable car first if you're early as suggested by our tour guide too



Lovely view

Varieties of animals that you can't think of...


Stingray with leopard spots :o


Milk Tea available at McDonalds :)

Ocean Theatre

Real panda!! They're so lazy to move!

So cute :)

Lastly, gymnastic show before we left the park  

After dinner - Arena of Stars. This was actually the Xmas deco of Starbucks

Was waiting for the Laser Light Show at 8pm :)

Tou Fu Fa here is...GOOD!! Again, RECOGNIZE THIS BOARD ya'll, nearby 许愿树

Made a wish :)

Lunch at Fei Tou's restaurant 

Hakka signature dish :) 
Chim Sui Wan 

Angelina Jolie at Wax Museum 

Lee Bing Bing

The late Diana 

View of 太平山

Missed out a lot of places :( Maybe I shall visit HK again? 

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